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The concepualizartion of MENTAL INSTABILITY in croatian

Ivana Čizmar
E-mail: ivanacizmar@yahoo.com

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Abstract: The present paper examines the conceptualization of MENTAL INSTABILITY in Croatian within the (following) postulates of Cognitive Lingustics: metaphor, metonymy, image schemata and cultural models. Metaphorical linguistic expressions are divided into five main categories that are fundamental in the analysis of motivation. In the analyses particularly noteworthy is the HEAD category as the location of MENTAL (IN)STABILITY in cultural model of Western tradition (Croatian language). The analysis highlights BALANCE image schemata, respectively metonymy IMBALANCE FOR MENTAL INSTABILITY as well as NON PROTOTYPICAL BEHAVIOUOR FOR MENTAL INSTABILITY (as a result/effect of MENTAL INSTABILITY). The highest intensity of MENTAL INSTABILITY is shown by the metaphorical linguistic expressions from PEOPLE (HUMAN) category.
metaphor, metonymy, image schemata, cultural models, MENTAL INSTABILITY,
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