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Daša Farkaš
Filozofski fakultet Zagreb

Matea Filko
Filozofski fakultet Zagreb

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In this paper, we present how coordination (both coordination of clauses and phrases) is annotated in dependency treebanks. Dependency treebanks are built in accordance with the dependency approaches to syntax. Special emphasis will be given to coordination annotation within the Universal Dependencies project (UD) ( The UD project aims for consistent annotation of grammatical structures across world languages and has collected almost 200 treebanks in more than 100 languages so far, including the one for Croatian ‒ the Croatian UD. Before the Croatian UD treebank was built, the first Croatian Dependency Treebank was built based on the modified Prague Dependency Treebank specification for annotation at the analytical level. The approach used in these two treebanks differs when it comes to the annotation of particular syntactic structures. We show the main differences in annotating coordination in the two Croatian dependency treebanks and focus on problematic cases of syntagmatic and clausal coordination.

dependency treebanks, coordination, Universal Dependencies, PDT, HOBS,
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