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Page 197 - 226

Usage properties and meanings of the preposition mimo in the Croatian language

Darko Matovac
E-mail: dmatovac@gmail.com
University of Zagreb

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Abstract: This paper describes and analyses usages of the preposition mimo in Croatian (the only spatial preposition etymologically related to a verb). Its main goal is to present a coherent semantic description of the usages of this preposition. This presupposes the elaboration of its primary spatial meaning as well as the identification of primary spatial meaning as a motivation source for all other usages – spatial and non-spatial. The theoretical framework is cognitive linguistics, while the analysis and the conclusions are based on the interpretation of examples collected through corpus searches. In addition to the information on prepositional usages, the paper brings information on other usages of spatial particle mimo as well.
spatial language units, prepositions, mimo, Croatian, meaning,
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