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What is the concept behind the term translanguaging?

Rea Lujić
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Abstract: This paper outlines the translanguaging, recently an increasingly popular concept in the field of plurilingualism and plurilingual education. Given its sociolinguistic and educational dual nature, this paper offers two Croatian terms: a sociolinguistic one, transkomunikacija, which refers to the typical ways of communication among multilinguals that include the use of multiple languages, language varieties or any other communication channels within the same discourse; and an educational one, transkomunikacijski nastavni pristup, which refers to an integrated teaching approach supporting balanced development of students’ languages. Furthermore, this paper summarizes definitions of the concept, presents its key terminology and analyzes the basic ideas behind aforementioned concepts, in order to establish a firm scientific paradigm which could facilitate future researches in this field and ensure comparability of the results. The second part of the paper presents the development of the concept originating in Wales in the mid-80s to the present days, and corroborates the concept with several examples analyzed using the translanguaging paradigm terminology. Lastly, the paper presents the most common methods of research of the translanguaging, review of previous studies as well as some guidance for future research.
plurilingualism, plurilingual education, translanguaging, translanguaging paradigm,
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