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Page 557 - 574

The language of information technology: Figurative use of computer terms

Sanel Hadžiahmetović Jurida
E-mail: sanel.h.jurida@untz.ba
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0833-5510
Univerzitet u Tuzli

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Abstract: The rapidly emerging terminology associated with the Internet and its use result in highly figurative use of the terminology in this domain (the Internet), and its supporting technology (the computers). The present paper takes a look at the figurative use of computer terms from a cognitive linguistics point of view, arguing the vocabulary of the language of information technology is created in a number of ways, including neologisation, derivation, blending, conversion, analogy to general language vocabulary, compression, etc., with metaphor being highly used in the language of information technology. The paper introduces the language of information technology and its accompanying features in the context of Netspeak as a new online medium of communication.
information technology, metaphor, cognitive linguistics, Netspeak,
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