Original scientific article
Page 7 - 35

Cognitive theory of metaphor and idiom analysis

Dmitrij Dobrovol’skij
E-mail: dmitrij.dobrovolskij@assoc.oeaw.ac.at
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4531-6968
Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Russian Language, Department of Experimental Lexicography, Moscow

Elisabeth Piirainen
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4531-6968
Abstract: We wish to establish to what extent the methods of analysis developed within the framework of the Cognitive Theory of Metaphor (CTM) can be applied to idiom analysis. Conventionalised figurative metap...

Original scientific article
Page 227 - 250

On the origins of the epistemic, evidential, and subjectivity meanings in the mental state predicates: The case of Dutch

Karolien Janssens

Jan Nuyts
E-mail: jan.nuyts@uantwerpen.be
University of Antwerp
Abstract: This paper aims to contribute to the debates about the nature of the speaker-related meanings of the mental state predicates, on the basis of a diachronic corpus study into the semantic evolution of f...

Original scientific article
Page 77 - 98

The geometry vs. the algebra of meaning: Gärdenfors vs. Jackendoff

Joško Žanić
E-mail: josko_zanic@yahoo.com
Nezavisni istraživač
Abstract: In this paper Gärdenfors’s geometric approach to meaning in natural language is compared to Jackendoff's algebraic one, and this is done against the backdrop of formal semantics. Ultimately, the paper...