Original scientific article
Page 145 - 157

On syntactic and morphological negation in biblical English: A diachronic study

Lidija Štrmelj
E-mail: lstrmelj@unizd.hr
Sveučilište u Zadru
Abstract: The article deals with the development of negation in biblical English in the period from the eleventh to the seventeenth century. It explores the morphosyntactic features of negative clauses in Late ...

Original scientific article
Page 31 - 61

The expression of path in three satellite-framed languages. A cognitive study of Polish, Russian, and English

Joanna Łozińska
Abstract: Cross-linguistic studies of the lexicalization of motion tend to contrast satellite- with verb-framed languages (e.g. Slobin 1996; 2004; Cardini 2008; Özçalışkan & Slobin 2003; Kopecka 2004; Farga...

Original scientific article
Page 373 - 393

Croatian EFL learners’ comprehension of idiom use: Context, decomposability and age factors

Jasmina Jelčić
E-mail: jasmina.jelcic320@gmail.com
Univerza v Ljubljani
Abstract: There are many factors influencing the comprehension of idiomatic expressions in EFL context. These factors include, among others, age, context, familiarity and decomposability rate (the degree to whi...

Original scientific article
Page 487 - 499

Intended communicative effects of using borrowed English vocabulary from the point of view of the addressor: Corpus-based pragmatic analysis of a magazine column

Aleksandar Kavgić
E-mail: kavgic@ff.uns.ac.rs
Sveučilište u Novom Sadu
Abstract: This paper presents the findings of a small-scale, pilot, corpus-based research conducted on a corpus of 36 Ja, igrač! (‘I, Gamer!’) columns from the magazine Svet kompjutera (Computer World), publish...

Original scientific article
Page 173 - 197

English path verbs: A comparative-contrastive English-Croatian analysis

Maja Brala-Vukanović
E-mail: mbrala@ffri.hr
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5708-7624
Sveučilište u Rijeci

Anita Memišević
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5708-7624
University of Rijeka
Abstract: Departing from Talmy’s (2001b: 52) list comprising 20 English path verbs, we explore the semantic and syntactic properties of these verbs, focusing on their (im)possibility to select a prepositional p...

Original scientific article
Page 153 - 171

Prepositional use with the object-of-activity function of the landmark in English and Slovene

Frančiška Lipovšek
E-mail: franciska.lipovsek@guest.arnes.si
Sveučilište u Ljubljani
Abstract: The paper examines the use of spatial prepositions in English and Slovene with an OBJECT OF ACTIVITY. The term refers to the landmark in a functional relation with the trajector engaged in the normal ...

Original scientific article
Page 385 - 402

How word choice matters: An analysis of adjective-noun collocations in a corpus of learner essays

Višnja Pavičić Takač
E-mail: vpavicic@ffos.hr
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8318-0235
Filozofski fakultet u Osijeku

Morana Lukač
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8318-0235
Leiden University
Abstract: Foreign language learners’ choice of collocations is traditionally considered to be one of the main markers of foreignlanguageness (Korosadowitz-Struzynska 1980: 115), hence relevant in achieving a hi...