Original scientific article
Page 45 - 65

Limitations on metonymic uses of –ion nominalizations

Adisa Imamović
E-mail: adisa.imamovic@untz.ba
Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Tuzli
Abstract: This paper examines the polysemy of English nominalizations ending in the suffix -ion explaining it by metaphorical and metonymic extensions of the central meaning. The central meaning of -ion nominal...

Original scientific article
Page 35 - 51

From nominalizations to questions – Evidence from Tucanoan

Dmitry Idiatov
University of Antwerp

Johan van der Auwera
University of Antwerp
Abstract: This paper examines question formation in the Tucanoan languages of South America from a comparative and diachronic point of view. We argue that these languages exhibit a historical and semantic relat...

Original scientific article
Page 321 - 337

On agentive and instrumental deverbal nominalizations in Slovenian

Tatjana Marvin
E-mail: tatjana.marvin@ff.uni-lj.si
University of Ljubljana
Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of Slovenian deverbal external argument nominalizations in a syntactic approach, where the focus is on Slovenian agentive and instrumental deverbal nominalizations in -...