Original scientific article
Page 107 - 150

The preposition and prefix nad in South Slavic languages with emphasis on Macedonian

Liljana Mitkovska
E-mail: liljana.mitkovska@fon.edu.mk
FON University, Skopje

Eleni Bužarovska
bSs. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje
Abstract: This paper examines the senses of the preposition and prefix nad in Macedonian and the rela-tion to its equivalents in other South Slavic languages: Croatian, Serbian, and Bulgarian. The main goal of ...

Original scientific article
Page 83 - 100

Over- and out- as negatively-oriented markers

Catherine Moreau
E-mail: catherine.moreau@u-bordeaux-montaigne.fr
Université Bordeaux Montaigne
Abstract: In this paper, I address the issue of negation through two markers, verbal prefixes over- and out- which do not have an intrinsic negative meaning but which act as negatively-oriented markers. In the ...

Original scientific article
Page 131 - 153

Another look at the syntax of Hungarian verbal particles

Annamária Bene
E-mail: bene.a@euet.rs
Univerzitet u Novom Sadu
Abstract: The Hungarian verbal particle, this tiny function (grammatical) word causes a lot of headache to linguists to this day. One of the most difficult questions refers to its structural position. The most ...

Original scientific article
Page 495 - 518

Modeli poučavanja značenja glagolskih prefikasa i prefigiranih glagola u nastavi hrvatskoga kao inoga jezika

Darko Matovac
E-mail: darko.matovac@gmail.com
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2919-2029
Sveučilište u Zagrebu

Sanda Lucija Udier
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2919-2029
University of Zagreb
Abstract: U prvome dijelu rada raspravlja se o dvama postojećim modelima poučavanja značenja glagolskih prefiksa i prefigiranih glagola u nastavi hrvatskoga kao inoga jezika (HIJ) – o glagolocentričnom poučavan...

Original scientific article
Page 191 - 218

A cognitive semantic account of the prefix uz in Croatian 191-218

Ljiljana Šarić
E-mail: ljiljana.saric@ilos.uio.no
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4373-9182
University of Oslo
Abstract: This article examines the meaning of the prefix uz in Croatian. First, I examine this prefix in nouns, adverbs, complex prepositions, and adjectives, and in the following sections I look at the verbal...

Original scientific article
Page 219 - 260

A cognitive analysis of the Bulgarian prepositions and verbal prefixes NAD and POD

Ivelina Tchizmarova
E-mail: itchizmarova@sfu.ca
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
Abstract: This paper analyzes the Bulgarian prepositions and verbal prefixes NAD and POD from a cogni-tive linguistic perspective. Their prototypical senses are presented as a trajector (TR) situated above or b...

Original scientific article
Page 153 - 181

Prefixes and prototypes: Contrasting the English verbal prefix un- and Bosnian raz-

Jasmina Hanić
Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Tuzli
Abstract: Prefixation is traditionally studied and regarded as the process of word formation. However, in this paper we try to approach the issue of prefixation from a different perspective. This paper describe...