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Hypothesis and deduction in the studies of the discourse of advertising

Piotr Cap
E-mail: strus_pl@yahoo.com
University of Łódź

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Abstract: The paper is an attempt to show that a discourse type can in itself be an analytic determinant, i.e. that it can effectively dictate methods of investigating it. This claim is illustrated by a study of the discourse of advertising, or rather, of how the discourse of advertising motivates an analyst to adopt a specific track of analysis. In the paper, the discourse of advertising is shown to possess certain properties which favor a deduction- based approach to analysis, whereby an analyst is likely to postulate about a given text’s function a priori, that is before an inquiry into particular samples of textual data takes place. This approach may lead to a number of analytic fallacies such as, for instance, underspecification of data supporting the thesis or illustration of thesis with atypical or even irrelevant data.
discourse analysis, linguistic pragmatics, advertising, linguistic methodology, deduction, ‘top-down’ analysis, induction, ‘bottom-up’ analysis, persuasion, rhetoric,
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