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Neutralisation in the expression of location and destination of motion in Croatian

Sanja Zubčić
E-mail: sanja.zubcic@ffri.uniri.hr
Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci

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In Croatian, the location and destination of motion are expressed mainly by various syntactic means, but their neutralisation is also described in the literature, especially in South Čakavian dialects. This paper examines the distribution of this phenomenon in written texts from the Middle Ages onwards, in Čakavian and Štokavian, and in contemporary Čakavian and Croatian Štokavian dialects, in order to determine its age and distribution. By comparing the distribution of this isogloss with the distribution of various Eastern Romance languages on the eastern Adriatic coast, its origin, previously associated with the Dalmatian language, will be more precisely determined.

Croatian language, Čakavian dialects, Štokavian dialects, Dalmatian, Istro-Romanian, Krk-Romanian, syntax, neutralisation, location and destination of motion,
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