Original scientific article
Page 1 - 21

On the analysability of English exocentric compounds

Réka Benczes
E-mail: rbenczes@yahoo.com
Loránd Eötvös University, English Linguistics PhD Program, Budapest
Abstract: In the past two decades, numerous studies have been written on the successful application of metaphor, metonymy and blending in the analysis of idiomatic expressions which traditional linguistic liter...

Original scientific article
Page 373 - 393

Croatian EFL learners’ comprehension of idiom use: Context, decomposability and age factors

Jasmina Jelčić
E-mail: jasmina.jelcic320@gmail.com
Univerza v Ljubljani
Abstract: There are many factors influencing the comprehension of idiomatic expressions in EFL context. These factors include, among others, age, context, familiarity and decomposability rate (the degree to whi...