Page 263 - 268

Preface to the special issue on multilingualism in Europe

Marácz László
University of Amsterdam
Abstract: The introductory article provides a brief description of the contents of the thematic issue on multilingualism in Europe.

Original scientific article
Page 585 - 599

By the rivers of Babylon: Multiculturalism in vivo in Vojvodina/Vajdaság

Krisztina Rácz
E-mail: krracz@gmail.com
University of Ljubljana, Central European University Budapest
Abstract: This paper contrasts the practices of interpreting and implementing official documents that regulate multilingual policies in Vojvodina (Autonomous Province of Serbia) to the experi-ence of multilingu...

Original scientific article
Page 395 - 417

What can language biographies reveal about multilingualism in the Habsburg monarchy? A case study on the members of the Illyrian movement

Kristian Novak
E-mail: knovak2@ffri.hr
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2609-6368
University of Rijeka
Abstract: The reconstruction of language biographies of the Illyrian movement members was based on their available, published or unpublished, texts written in all of the idioms they were using (Croatian dialect...

Original scientific article
Page 207 - 235

Utjecaj višejezičnosti vrednovatelja na ljudsku procjenu kvalitete strojnih prijevoda

Sandra Ljubas
E-mail: sljubas@student.unizd.hr
Sveučilište u Zadru
Abstract: U ovom se radu predstavlja istraživanje o utjecaju višejezičnosti vrednovatelja na subjektivnu metodu vrednovanja kvalitete strojnih prijevoda. Subjektivnost ove metode najčešće se očituje u niskim ra...

Original scientific article
Page 119 - 146

From šećerna tabla to čoCROlada: A study of multilingual discourse on Croatian food labels

Emilija Mustapić
Abstract: The study of linguistic landscape (LL) encompasses the language of public signs, commercial billboards, and other forms of written texts displayed in public (mostly urban) spaces of a particular geogr...

Original scientific article
Page 419 - 437

Reflexes of the Habsburg empire multilingualism in some Triestine literary texts

Vesna Deželjin
E-mail: vdezelji@ffzg.hr
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5370-4509
University of Zagreb
Abstract: In 1964 two contemporary Triestine writers, Lino Carpinteri and Mariano Faraguna, pub-lished a book of poems entitled Serbidiòla. The poems, full of nostalgia, speak about the past when the Habsburg t...

Original scientific article
Page 269 - 297

Multilingualism in the Transleithanian part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918): Policy and practice

Marácz László
E-mail: l.k.maracz@uva.nl
University of Amsterdam
Abstract: With the Compromise of 1867, the Hungarian Kingdom received an equal status within the Austrian part of the Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy. Hungary became a sovereign entity within the Habsburg Monarc...