Original scientific article
Page 119 - 146

From šećerna tabla to čoCROlada: A study of multilingual discourse on Croatian food labels

Emilija Mustapić
Abstract: The study of linguistic landscape (LL) encompasses the language of public signs, commercial billboards, and other forms of written texts displayed in public (mostly urban) spaces of a particular geogr...

Original scientific article
Page 501 - 515

Linguistic landscape in Mostar

Ivana Grbavac
E-mail: ivana.grbavac@tel.net.ba
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9469-5848
Sveučilište u Mostaru
Abstract: In this paper we aim at presenting the results of a new type of research – linguistic landscaping – done for the very first time in the city of Mostar. The theoretical and methodological approach comb...