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Anglicisms and the Croatian computer terminology through the prism of language conflict and language ideology

Sanja Škifić
E-mail: sskific@unizd.hr
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Emilija Mustapić
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Sažetak: Considering the fast development of computer technology, frequency and forms of anglicisms in the field of computer terminology represent an inexhaustible object of linguistic discus-sions. The aim of this paper is to identify the possible existence and nature of language con-flict between English and Croatian on the basis of the analysis of frequency of usage of angli-cisms and native terms that represent parts of computer terminology. Furthermore, the analy-sis of usage of adapted anglicisms allows for conclusions regarding the legitimacy of linguis-tic purism as a form of language ideology. The research includes the application of a ques-tionnaire among students of selected elementary schools in the Zadar County. On the basis of the results we conclude that the Croatian language is both “the language of identification” and “the language of communication” as a more pervasive usage of anglicisms occurs in cases in which such expressions are less demanding in usage in comparison to native expressions, and in cases in which anglicisms are considered to be successfully adapted to the system of the Croatian language. Therefore, we identify minimal existence of the investigated form of lan-guage conflict. On the other hand, considering the number of variants of adapted anglicisms which deviate from the Croatian orthographic norm, we may conclude that linguistic purism which insists on the orthographic norm is, as a form of language ideology, understandable when it is moderate.
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anglicisms, computer terminology, language conflict, language of identification, language of communication, linguistic purism, language ideology,
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