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Nikolina Palašić
E-mail: nikolina.palasic@ffri.uniri.hr
Filozofski fakultet Rijeka

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Although coordinated sentence structures in their simplest form are understood as certain conjunctive (symmetrically) connected components, coordination is a far more complex phenomenon. Since the beginning of generative theory onwards, research has shown that coordination does not necessarily mean symmetry, and some other claims that are usually taken as a distinguishing element between coordinated and subordinated structures are questioned in this paper. This paper will consider the coordination realized by the conjunctions i and a and the specifics arising from the structural and semantic relations between the conjuncts connected by these conjunctions. In doing so, we will pay special attention to the notion of ellipse in coordinated sentence structures and the so-called right node raising, which is realized in some elliptical structures (e.g., Ivana makes and Marko drinks coffee). In this sense, we consider the criteria according to which an ellipse is possible in certain coordinated sentences, while in others it is not, and attempt to determine the reasons for such differentiation.

Ključne riječi:
coordination, conjunction i, conjunction a, ellipse, right node raising,
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