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Str. 625 - 643

The intertwining of linguistic identity and ideology among Hungarian minority commuters from Vojvodina to Hungary

Eszter Gábrity
E-mail: esztig@gmail.com
University of Szeged
Sažetak: The present research aims to investigate the linguistic identity and ideology of a particular re-gional minority living in a multilingual context. The objective of this paper is to discover how the Hu...

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Str. 645 - 666

Types of multilingualism explored in the Transylvanian school context

Zsuzsanna Dégi
E-mail: zsiged@yahoo.com
Sapientia University, Miercurea-Ciuc
Sažetak: Studies concerning multilingualism are abundant and multilingualism gains more and more attention from linguists, politicians, sociologists and psychologists. Despite the spread of mul-tilingualism, s...

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Str. 533 - 563

Minority languages and the language policy in the rural area of Baranya (Croatia) – A case study

Ljubica Kordić
E-mail: kljubica@pravos.hr
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2900-7906
University of Osijek
Sažetak: The paper explores the position of minority languages in Croatian primary schools in multi-lingual communities on the example of the village of Darda, situated in the Hungarian-Croatian border area. T...

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Str. 351 - 371

Language as a political issue: The case of language of command in the Austro-Hungarian ar-my

Livia Kardum
E-mail: Lovro.kardum@zg.t-com.hr
University College of International Relations and Diplomacy in Zagreb

Bruno Korea Gajski
University College of International Relations and Diplomacy in Zagreb
Sažetak: The paper shows the political crisis of dualism in a multinational Austro-Hungary that was in-itiated by the political opposition of the Magyar magnates in the Hungarian Parliament. It was initiated b...