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Str. 667 - 677

The implementation of multilingualism at the see university: a model for the multicultural Balkans

Hamit Xhaferi
E-mail: h.xhaferi@seeu.edu.mk
South East European University, Tetovo

Mustafa Ibrahimi
South East European University, Tetovo
Sažetak: We present and compare ways and alternatives for an improvement of the use of languages in Macedonia. This covers the time span starting from the Constitution of the year 1974, the Constitution of the...

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Str. 453 - 474

Dative of external possession in Croatian: From an areal-typological perspective

Motoki Nomachi
E-mail: mnomachi@slav.hokudai.ac.jp
Hokkaido University
Sažetak: External possession constructions are defined as constructions in which a semantic possessor-possessum relation is expressed by coding the possessor as a core grammatical relation of the verb and in a...

Str. 263 - 268

Preface to the special issue on multilingualism in Europe

Marácz László
University of Amsterdam
Sažetak: The introductory article provides a brief description of the contents of the thematic issue on multilingualism in Europe.

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Str. 679 - 696

Teacher’s perceptions of multilingual education and teaching in a multilingual classroom - the case of the Republic of Macedonia

Brikena Xhaferi
E-mail: b.xhaferi@seeu.edu.mk
South East European University Tetovo

Gëzim Xhaferi
South East European University Tetovo
Sažetak: Macedonia is a multilingual, multiethnic, and multicultural country where the language teach-ers face challenges in their classrooms. South East European University (SEEU) is located in Tetovo, Macedo...

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Str. 145 - 170

Metaphorical models in EU discourse in the Croatian media

Ljiljana Šarić
E-mail: ljiljana.saric@ilos.uio.no
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4373-9182
Universitetet i Oslo, Institutt for litteratur, områdestudier og europeiske språk (ILOS)
Sažetak: This paper aims at reconstructing aspects of the current conceptualization and linguistic representation of issues concerning the European Union and its expansion, while exploring the role of metaphor...

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Str. 345 - 369

Brussels – boss, bully or the big brother? Framing CONFLICT in contemporary Hungarian political rhetoric

Réka Benczes
E-mail: reka.benczes@uni-corvinus.hu
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3481-8279
Corvinus University of Budapest

Lilla Petronella Szabó
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3481-8279
Institute for Political Science, Centre for Social Sciences (Hungary)- Corvinus University of Budapest
Sažetak: According to political realism, conflict is an immanent feature of world politics (Morgenthau 1948/1973). Drawing on this basic premise, it can be expected that the CONFLICT frame is routinely exploit...