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Str. 221 - 254

Taste and sight: A corpus analysis of English adjective-noun constructions

Jodi L. Sandford
E-mail: jodi.sandford@unipg.it
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6544-8610
University of Perugia
Sažetak: Embodiment is central to the Cognitive Linguistics enterprise. The grounding of language in body experience is one of the major tenets of linguistic description at various levels of analysis. We recei...

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Str. 337 - 356

U potrazi za značenjem: čitak i čitljiv u normi i uporabi

Jakob Patekar
E-mail: jakob.patekar@outlook.com
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7371-0087
Sažetak: U ovome se radu nastoje utvrditi značenja riječi čitak i čitljiv. Naime, norma nije usuglašena što znači prvi, a što drugi pridjev; rječnici daju suprotna značenja pa nije jasno koja se od tih riječi ...

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Str. 1 - 30

Operationalising construal. A corpus-based study in cognition and communication constructions

Karolina Krawczak

Dylan Glynn
Sažetak: This study seeks to demonstrate that the Behavioural Profile Approach, specifically Multifactorial Usage-Feature Analysis (Geeraerts et al. 1994; Gries 2003), can be used to quantitatively describe le...

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Str. 487 - 499

Intended communicative effects of using borrowed English vocabulary from the point of view of the addressor: Corpus-based pragmatic analysis of a magazine column

Aleksandar Kavgić
E-mail: kavgic@ff.uns.ac.rs
Sveučilište u Novom Sadu
Sažetak: This paper presents the findings of a small-scale, pilot, corpus-based research conducted on a corpus of 36 Ja, igrač! (‘I, Gamer!’) columns from the magazine Svet kompjutera (Computer World), publish...

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Str. 429 - 451

Croatian non-standard invariant relativizers in European perspective

Jurica Polančec
E-mail: jpolance@ffzg.hr
University of Zagreb

Ana Mihaljević
University of Zagreb
Sažetak: In this paper, the authors analyze Croatian invariant relativizers (InvRels) in European perspective, with emphasis on InvRels employed in non-standard Croatian. The paper is roughly divided in two pa...

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Str. 417 - 429

New perspectives on James Joyce’s Ulysses – a literary-linguistic approach

Sanja Runtić
E-mail: sruntic@ffos.hr
Filozofski fakultet u Osijeku

Melita Aleksa Varga
Filozofski fakultet u Osijeku
Sažetak: This paper discusses the somewhat oxymoronic tie between Ulysses' poststructuralist effect and its structural design. Observing the changes in the linguistic register and the corresponding syntactical...

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Str. 363 - 383

Cracking the colour code: A case study of red

Draženka Molnar
E-mail: drazenka@ffos.hr
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4512-7270
Filozofski fakultet u Osijeku
Sažetak: For both physiological and psychological reasons the colour red is one of the most salient and semantically productive basic colours for human beings. Due to its stability over time, it has received a...