Izvorni znanstveni članak
Str. 199 - 219

The embodied and the cultural in the conceptualization of pitch space in Croatian

Sanja Kiš Žuvela
E-mail: skiszuvela@muza.hr
Academy of Music, University of Zagreb

Ana Ostroški Anić
Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics
Sažetak: Most conceptual metaphors that conceptualize musical pitch rely heavily on human perception, images and experience structured through spatial and orientation image schemas such as the schema of VERTIC...

Izvorni znanstveni članak
Str. 145 - 170

Metaphorical models in EU discourse in the Croatian media

Ljiljana Šarić
E-mail: ljiljana.saric@ilos.uio.no
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4373-9182
Universitetet i Oslo, Institutt for litteratur, områdestudier og europeiske språk (ILOS)
Sažetak: This paper aims at reconstructing aspects of the current conceptualization and linguistic representation of issues concerning the European Union and its expansion, while exploring the role of metaphor...

Izvorni znanstveni članak
Str. 23 - 60

Discourse analysis and determination in the light of subjectification theory

Piotr Cap
E-mail: strus_pl@yahoo.com
University of of Lódz, Department of Linguistic Pragmatics
Sažetak: The present paper bridges considerations characteristic of the domains of linguistic pragmatics, discourse analysis, as well as of cognitive linguistics and social psychology. It is claimed that, in s...

Izvorni znanstveni članak
Str. 63 - 84

Images of scales: An English-Slovenian contrastive analysis of idiomatic minimizers and maximizers

Gašper Ilc

Frančiška Lipovšek
Sažetak: The paper investigates the syntactic, semantic, and cultural properties of minimizers and maximizers from a contrastive perspective. Minimizers and maximizers are scalar constructions whose function i...