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Domains of Hungarian language use in Belgrade

Mónika Balla
E-mail: mo_ni_75@yahoo.com
University of Belgrade

Sandra Buljanović
University of Belgrade

Marija Ilić
2Serbian Academy of Science and Arts
Sažetak: This paper attempts at opening a dialogue on multilingualism in the city of Belgrade today. Belgrade, like other Southeast European cities, has developed much differently over the past decades than ot...

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Str. 447 - 478

On the emergence of Euro-English as a potential European variety of English – attitudes and interpretations

Christian R. Forche
E-mail: ChristianRForche@hotmail.de
Freie Universität Berlin
Sažetak: The question whether the appropriation of English by non-native speakers in Continental Eu-rope is giving rise to a potential European variety of English has not yet been resolved. In a study based on...