Vol. 13. No. 1 ( 8.2012)

Original scientific article
Page 0 - 0

Orphan prefixes and the grammaticalization of aspect in South Slavic

Stephen M. Dickey
E-mail: smd@ku.edu
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Kansas
Abstract: This paper establishes the term ORPHAN PREFIX for a Slavic prefix that no longer shares a dominant spatial meaning with its cognate preposition. Most Slavic prefixes do share such a dominant spatial m...

Page 5 - 17

A cognitive linguistic view of South Slavic prepositions and prefixes

Ljiljana Šarić
University of Oslo
Abstract: Cognitive linguists dealing with the Slavic languages in Slavic countries and worldwide have been engaged in broad research activities. However, much of this research has remained over-looked, especia...

Original scientific article
Page 19 - 39

Semantic and grammatical features of o-/ob- in verbs of emotion in Slovene

Agnieszka Będkowska-Kopczyk
Akademia Techniczno-Humanistyczna, Bielsko-Biala
Abstract: This paper examines how the prefix o-/ob- reflects the spatial bases of emotion events that comprise emotion scripts in Slovene. It is suggested that the prefix and emotion predicates form constructio...

Original scientific article
Page 41 - 69

Moving od(-) and do(-) in Croatian. An account of sources, goals and dual readings of the dative

Maja Brala-Vukanović
University of Rijeka

Anita Memišević
University of Rijeka
Abstract: This paper focuses on the Croatian P-elements od ‘from’ and do ‘up to’, which productively appear as both verbal prefixes (yielding either source- or goal-oriented motion verbs) and prepositions; in m...

Original scientific article
Page 107 - 150

The preposition and prefix nad in South Slavic languages with emphasis on Macedonian

Liljana Mitkovska
FON University, Skopje

Eleni Bužarovska
bSs. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje
Abstract: This paper examines the senses of the preposition and prefix nad in Macedonian and the rela-tion to its equivalents in other South Slavic languages: Croatian, Serbian, and Bulgarian. The main goal of ...

Original scientific article
Page 151 - 190

The Croatian preposition uz: A cognitive approach

Ljiljana Šarić
University of Oslo
Abstract: This article examines the semantics of the Croatian preposition uz. Its main aim is to establish a coherent semantic network of this preposition, an effort that implies elaborating how the preposition...

Original scientific article
Page 191 - 218

A cognitive semantic account of the prefix uz in Croatian 191-218

Ljiljana Šarić
University of Oslo
Abstract: This article examines the meaning of the prefix uz in Croatian. First, I examine this prefix in nouns, adverbs, complex prepositions, and adjectives, and in the following sections I look at the verbal...

Original scientific article
Page 219 - 260

A cognitive analysis of the Bulgarian prepositions and verbal prefixes NAD and POD

Ivelina Tchizmarova
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
Abstract: This paper analyzes the Bulgarian prepositions and verbal prefixes NAD and POD from a cogni-tive linguistic perspective. Their prototypical senses are presented as a trajector (TR) situated above or b...