Original scientific article
Page 27 - 44

The Michael Jackson of two or three noses ago and the Michael Jackson of today – multiple personalities or conceptual metonymy?

Sanja Berberović
E-mail: sanja.berberovic@untz.ba
Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Tuzli
Abstract: The paper deals with the construction of the figurative meaning of personal names in expressions of the type the X of Y, in which X is a personal name designating humans and Y designates a temporal pe...

Original scientific article
Page 11 - 41

Names: A metonymic “return ticket” in five languages

Antonio Barcelona
E-mail: abs@um.es
University of Murcia
Abstract: In recent years cognitive linguists have shown that many grammatical structures are motivated by metonymic principles. The goal of this article is to demonstrate the role of metonymy in the emergence ...