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Ana Mihaljević
E-mail: amihaljevic@stin.hr
Staroslavenski institut

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The paper presents and analyses adversative clauses in the Croatian Church Slavonic language. The Croatian Church Slavonic inventory of adversative conjunctions is determined in comparison with the following Latin conjunctions, adverbs, and text connectors which may have adversative meanings: sed / set, verum, vero, at, at enim, autem, atqui, quod si, et, -que, atque (ac), tamen, attamen, sed tamen, verum tamen, nihilominus, at vero, enimvero, ceterum, atquin based on the corpus for the Dictionary of the Croatian Redaction of Church Slavonic and complete transliterations of Beram breviaries and missals available at beram.stin.hr. The conjunctions which introduce substitution and modification clauses are determined, and the relationship between conjunction and negation is analysed. The position of the conjunction in Old Church Slavonic is compared to the position of the conjunction in the protograph. The occurrence of conjunctions in gradation structures is also analysed. The use of those conjunctions in Croatian Church Slavonic is compared to their equivalents in classical Latin and Latin protographs of translated Croatian Church Slavonic texts. The findings are also compared to Old Church Slavonic and modern Croatian.

Ključne riječi:
adversative clauses, adversative text connectors, gradation clauses, Croatian Church Slavonic, Croato-Glagolitic texts,
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