Vol. 20. No. 1 ( 4.2019)

Original scientific article
Page 1 - 30

Operationalising construal. A corpus-based study in cognition and communication constructions

Karolina Krawczak

Dylan Glynn
Abstract: This study seeks to demonstrate that the Behavioural Profile Approach, specifically Multifactorial Usage-Feature Analysis (Geeraerts et al. 1994; Gries 2003), can be used to quantitatively describe le...

Original scientific article
Page 31 - 61

The expression of path in three satellite-framed languages. A cognitive study of Polish, Russian, and English

Joanna Łozińska
Abstract: Cross-linguistic studies of the lexicalization of motion tend to contrast satellite- with verb-framed languages (e.g. Slobin 1996; 2004; Cardini 2008; Özçalışkan & Slobin 2003; Kopecka 2004; Farga...

Original scientific article
Page 63 - 84

Images of scales: An English-Slovenian contrastive analysis of idiomatic minimizers and maximizers

Gašper Ilc

Frančiška Lipovšek
Abstract: The paper investigates the syntactic, semantic, and cultural properties of minimizers and maximizers from a contrastive perspective. Minimizers and maximizers are scalar constructions whose function i...

Original scientific article
Page 85 - 118

Translatorial and non-translatorial automaticity: An integrative account

Mikołaj Deckert
Abstract: The paper examines empirically a subset of cognitive processes in trainee translators with the objective of gaining an insight into their decision-making. Specifically, we are interested in the nature...

Original scientific article
Page 119 - 146

From šećerna tabla to čoCROlada: A study of multilingual discourse on Croatian food labels

Emilija Mustapić
Abstract: The study of linguistic landscape (LL) encompasses the language of public signs, commercial billboards, and other forms of written texts displayed in public (mostly urban) spaces of a particular geogr...

Original scientific article
Page 147 - 173

Između diskursa o prostoru i diskursa prostora: mogućnosti lingvo-semiotičke analize devetnaestostoljetnih tekstova o gradnji i dogradnjama Zavoda za umobolne u Stenjevcu

Mislava Bertoša
Abstract: U članku se iz perspektive semiotike prostora analiziraju temeljni dokumenti o osnivanju, ustroju i prostornim preinakama Zavoda za umobolne u Stenjevcu. Oslanjajući se na analitičko-diskursne modele ...

Book review
Page 175 - 183

Karabalić, Vladimir. 2018. Deutsche Fachsprachen. Ein Lehrbuch. Osijek: Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta J. J. Strossmayera u Osijeku, S. 171. ISBN 978-953-314-116-9

Ljubica Kordić
Sveučilište u Osijeku

Book review
Page 185 - 190

Prandi, Michele. 2017. Conceptual conflicts in metaphors and figurative language. New York: Routledge, pp. 350 ISBN 978-1-13-863133-5

Veronika Szelid
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest