Vol. 20. No. 2 (12.2019)

Page 191 - 197

Introduction to the special section on figurative multimodality

Jodi L. Sandford
University of Perugia

Mario Brdar
University of Osijek

Original scientific article
Page 199 - 219

The embodied and the cultural in the conceptualization of pitch space in Croatian

Sanja Kiš Žuvela
Academy of Music, University of Zagreb

Ana Ostroški Anić
Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics
Abstract: Most conceptual metaphors that conceptualize musical pitch rely heavily on human perception, images and experience structured through spatial and orientation image schemas such as the schema of VERTIC...

Original scientific article
Page 221 - 254

Taste and sight: A corpus analysis of English adjective-noun constructions

Jodi L. Sandford
University of Perugia
Abstract: Embodiment is central to the Cognitive Linguistics enterprise. The grounding of language in body experience is one of the major tenets of linguistic description at various levels of analysis. We recei...

Original scientific article
Page 255 - 278

Figurative representation of death in the Italian comic book Dylan Dog

Ilhana Škrgić
nezavisni istraživač
Abstract: The canonical representation of death as the Grim Reaper is a well-known trope in art. The main aim of this paper is to analyze this trope as it appears in selected instalments of the Italian comics s...

Original scientific article
Page 279 - 302

LIGHT and DARK: oppositional metaphor as the interaction of cognitive mechanisms

Svitlana Martinek
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Abstract: Cognitive Linguistics, which primarily deals with the conceptual structures of human mind via their language manifestation, opens new prospects in studying binary oppositions. Despite numerous researc...

Original scientific article
Page 303 - 324

Light as a visual source domain for the divine in the 17th century painting

Janja Čulig
University of Zagreb
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to explain the motivation behind the creation of religious visual art in which light plays the role of the signifier of divine presence. We will endeavor to show that represen...

State-of-the-art article
Page 325 - 352

A critical note on the evolution of social theoretical and linguistic underpinnings of contemporary discourse studies

Piotr Cap
University of Łodz
Abstract: This paper gives a critical overview of analytical approaches dominating the field of discourse studies in the last three decades, from the perspective of their philosophical and formative bases: soci...

Original scientific article
Page 353 - 390

Prividna nereferencijalnost kao način stjecanja imuniteta govornika

Sandra Lukšić

Irena Zovko Dinković
Abstract: U radu se na pragmatičko-semantičkoj razini istražuje prividno nereferencijalna uporaba zamjeničke imenice čovjek i zamjenice man u funkciji subjekta za izražavanje neodređene osobnosti u hrvatskom i ...

Original scientific article
Page 391 - 418

Metafora, metonimija, frazem i eufemizam: o čemu govorimo kada govorimo o smrti?

Barbara Kružić

Goran Tanacković Faletar
Abstract: Cilj je ovoga rada istražiti hrvatski frazeološki korpus vezan uz komunikaciju o smrti i umiranju, s posebnim obzirom na njegov eufemizacijski, odnosno disfemizacijski potencijal, a potom i ispitati j...